Xavi Hernandez avoids answering Barca without Pedry.

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Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez has avoided answering questions. After being questioned by the media about whether Pedry became the player who defined the club’s recent wins.

Azulgrana defeated Levante 3-2 in La Liga on Sunday. With Barca moving into second place with 60 points from Sevilla and fewer appearances 1 shot.

That game the merit threw away from UFABET the Catalans. Conceding 3 penalties in the second half, one of which was protected by Marc Andre Stegen. Before it was Luc de Jong who scored the winner in stoppage time 2. 

“I won’t go any further than that. He’s the best footballer. My praise for him may not be enough. He is an exciting player and makes a difference.” the Camp Nou coach reveal when ask about Pedry. Who scored one goal last time out.

“Today Gabi also went down to help the team. We told the players to prepare to add something to the game. No matter how many games they play.”

For Pedry, his good form has been link to Barca’s recent triumphs in La Liga and Europa League. 

current contract

Pedry’s contract is until the summer of 2022. While Barcelona are keen to extend the 18-year-old midfielder’s contract further as he is a special player and the club want to stay longer. The Azulgrana side are ready to use the option to extend the two-year contract with Pedry immediately if they solve the club’s current financial problems.