Arsenal team receive 5 hundred thousand baht per head.

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Arsenal team London Colney camp is now bustling as they are able to climb fourth in the English Premier League. With games left in hand because it means they are closer to their Champions League targets. Which if they did. Successful senior players will receive injections of up to £500,000 each.

According to Mail Online. Mikel Arteta’s team with eight of their last 10 league wins. Overtakes Manchester United in four tables. And UFABET plays three fewer games in the hopes of returning to the final. Another major European club championship since 2017. 

It is a promising development under the work of Arteta. Director of sport Edu Gaspar and the owner of the club Kroenki Sports and Entertainment Group.  

Which the hard work of the Arsenal team squad this season, if the mission is accomplished, they must not be tired for free because they have announced before the start of the season that they will take half a million pounds each if they win the top 4 , think The total amount is not less than 50 million pounds.  

Moreover, in the contract conditions of some players, it is stated that if they take part in bringing the team to play in the Champions League, weekly wages will be added to it. That’s why the 2 bounces at full speed during the remaining 13 games.  

Liao looked at the queue from now on, there are not many teams in the top 10 such as Liverpool , Manchester United or West Ham.