Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney is unlikely to return to work

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Legendary Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney is unlikely to return to work in the Championship again with Birmingham City.

Wayne Rooney, the legendary Manchester United striker, shows no signs of returning to work in the second league EFL Championship again with Birmingham City. Who recently fired their former manager.

Former striker of the England national team who scored 253 goals for Manchester United between 2004 and 2017, hung up his boots to stop playing with Derby County and started his career with Derby before moving to work with D.C. United, which is also a former agency, from 2018-2019

Under the management of the 37-year-old coach, D.C. United played a total of 53 matches, winning 14, drawing 14, losing 25, with the important issue being this season’s performance. which is official that It wasn’t enough to advance to the MLS Championship Playoffs, and with that failed to achieve that goal. causing the club and Rooney to decide to part ways “Mutually agreed” on 8 Oct. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Most recently, it has notice that Rooney might end up working in the CCP again,

With Birmingham City, a former Premier League team that had relegated to the second league for a while.

Birmingham just fired John Eustace from the manager’s chair only on 9 October, although in fact their performance is not unattractive, standing 6th in the table with 18 points, having a chance at a playoff ticket for promotion. Now, it that Birmingham want Rooney to take charge of their project. To fight for a return to the Premier League urgently.

There are also reports from The Sun that Birmingham. Which is managed by NFL legend Tom Brady ready to pay Rooney £29,000 week. Or three times higher than the 9,000 pounds Eustace received per week, representing an annual salary of 1.5 million pounds, and has informed Rooney of this matter.

The report also adds that Rooney is recruit fellow seniors Ashley Cole. And John O’Shea to join his back-office staff if a deal with Birmingham goes through.