Mourinho hits out not knowing Dybala has release clause.

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Roma boss Jose Mourinho shuns questions about Paulo Dybala’s release clause linked to Chelsea. Dybala has long been revealed by Italian media to have a €12m release clause with Roma at foreign clubs and €20m at Serie A clubs. This is the contract signed when he moved from Juventus last year.

Most recently, Dybala’s name has linked with Mourinho’s former club Chelsea, the Premier League club. So journalists have questioned the Argentine striker’s €12 million release clause.

“I don’t know anything about his contract.  UFABET But of course I will speak to Paulo. As I do with all my players,” Mourinho told reporters at the airport in Rome.

For Dybala’s contract with Juventus last year And moved to the Roma team for free, scoring 18 goals in 38 games. Including all competitions. In the first season with the Giallorossi.

The media swelled Paulo Dybala, the blood star “Blue-White”. Ready to sign a new contract with AS Roma, with the condition of the contract clause being adjust to be difficult with Paulo Dybala. The striker. The important person of AS Roma. The leading club in the Italian Serie A battle is close to signing a new contract with the agency. According to a report from Tuttomercatoweb Macaroni’s famous media on Tuesday, July 25, the past.