Vieira waits for Zaha to stay with the team.

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Vieira waits for Zaha to stay with the team. Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira looks forward to working with attacking forward Wilfried Zaha. with the hope that the players will continue to trade with the team.

         The 28-year-old has been hailed as the best player excluding players from six major clubs and is currently contracted to the club until 2023. And has been linked with constant transfers from Zaha. Do not deny that he hopes to move to a big team for a chance to win the championship.

         However, this year the news about the team is not as strong as in the past. Which Vieira hopes to work together in the new season that is coming. 

         “I know about Wilfried (and his situation) over the last few years. But we have had very good discussions. And I’m looking forward to working with him,” Vieira told ufabet

         “He is one of the most talented players in the league. And we don’t want to lose one of our best players.”

         “All the players are smart enough to see what the club is trying to build. And where the club wants to go – we’ve signed some amazing youngsters and I think that shows the direction the football club needs.”