Tottenham Hot Spurs coach refused to comment about Kane .

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Tottenham Hot Spurs coach refused to comment about Kane. The England international has not returned to report to the club. Causing the past, media across Europe reported that the 28-year-old spear is working with the Golden Spikes chicken in requesting a transfer this summer.

After a warm-up game at Spurs, a fun 2-2 draw with Chelsea on Wednesday. Reporters questioned Nuno about the current situation. But the Portuguese coach declined comment.

“I’m sorry, but I will not mention Harry Kane is now talking about the game better. Did you guys watch the game?” Nuno said.

“What I believe is that this issue is related to Harry, who we should be discussed internally. Try to avoid controversy or public discussion of the matter. We have to solve the problem with Kane.”

For Kane is becoming a major issue in the British media. After not reporting to the club Nonetheless, there are some reports suggesting that the players had to quarantine according to the quarantine order because of their vacation abroad. causing a delay in reporting to the club.