Manchester United decided to sell Pogba on the market in January

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Manchester United are yet to see any signs Paul Pogba will extend his contract. Therefore, will consider selling during the January trading market.

The Manchester Evening News ufabet report that Pogba could leave in January. If a suitable offer comes in because Manchester United are tired of negotiating a new contract with the representative of the long-running France midfielder. Reports say Manchester United have lost patience with Pogba’s new contract talks that. Until November have not reached an agreement.

 Therefore, it decide to sell the 28-year-old midfielder out of the team permanently at a satisfactory price. Even at that time, players can agree on a contract in advance with other teams abroad.

Pogba was heavily reprimanded for a red card in the 0-5 defeat to Liverpool, despite having just played as a substitute. While the last game in the UEFA Champions League, which drew 2-2 at Atalanta. That was the starting line-up. But was substituted from the field in the 69th minute. Because of a disappointing performance. He is leading Red Devils fans to believe that the France midfielder is no longer a key player for the team.

Come January, Pogba, 28, will be able to sign a pre-contract agreement with any interested club. Before he is able to complete a free move when the next window opens in the summer.

While his desire is reportedly to make a move back to the Bianconeri. They are unable to afford his current £11.91million-a-year salary. That is so for the deal to come into fruition he would have to take a pay cut.

Legislation called the ‘growth decree’ is another way in which Juventus could bring Pogba back to Turin. As it provides a tax discount of 50 per cent on the gross salaries of players and coaches from abroad.