Carra warns Kane not to destroy his reputation.

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Carra warns Kane not to destroy his reputation. Jamie Carragher, the Liverpool defender warned striker Harry Kane Tottenham do not discredit its own collection of football teams clashed with the club.

         The England international did not return to club training at Enfield after the summer break. It is expected that it is against the club to find a way to leave the team this summer. Carragher has issued a warning not to destroy a beautiful image of himself with the club by doing so.

         “I understand that he wants to win the Premier League. won the Champions League,” Carragher wrote on the Telegraph. “I have no problem with him wanting to go to City. But the way he tries to move the team without going to training is worrying.”

         “My message to Harry as sent to Stevie: Do not discredit yourself to something like this: Think of your reputation and in-game for me, that’s important, as well as trophies that Harry could grab it.”

         “When I think of players who are not returning to team training, players like Pierre van Hoidong and Carlos Tevez come to mind. You might expect from some players but Hare. He’s England captain, but has anyone told Kane ‘don’t put yourself in that situation’?

         “I think missing one or two training sessions is not the end of his reputation. But if it continues If he drags himself into the mud and becomes a big deal I would be very disappointed in him. because I think he is a professional.”