Antonio Conte has to solve the last pass.

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Spurs manager Antonio Conte has urged his players to improve their passing on the final ball. After the unbeaten game to beat Watford football team 1-0 from the winning goal in injury time.

Antonio Conte said “The form of play is in a positive direction. Because from start to finish we can control the game. And when you have a game like this It is very important to score goals. Because then your competitors will have to change their ways. and you’ll have more space. UFABET

“We did very well in attack. Creating chances, but in this game, when you attack, attack and attack but don’t score, sometimes you lose counter-attacks.

“We have to improve on the last pass. In the first half there were 29 crosses and 0 goals, it was important for us to improve the quality of the last pass. Because that gives you the opportunity to score goals.”

“It’s not easy to play a lot of games these days. This is the 5th game in 13 days and you think about it. We play with almost the same team. It’s very busy during this time. But at the same time we try to keep the results of the competition. because it is very important Three points is very important.”

“We have to adjust the quality in this situation. (Last pass) We have room for improvement. The players themselves have to improve in this situation.”